• Are Kiwi Born products safe for newborn babies? -  Absolutely!, every ingredient in our products are chosen because they are safe from birth. They all have very low incidence of sensitivity. Even though they are very safe, in the unlikely event of sensitivity developing discontinue use. Also, if your baby has a skin condition, that you are using Kiwi Born products on, and there is no improvement or it worsens, let you GP take a look, in case it's not what you thought it was.
  • Are your products made in New Zealand? -  Yes they are, in fact our skincare products are handmade in New Zealand. We source all our raw ingredients and packaging, from other New Zealand companies. Obviously some plants that the natural essential oils are extracted from, only grow in some other countries, but these are sourced by New Zealand companies, and we buy only from them.
  • Why is there only a few ingredients in your products, when there's three times as many in other products I buy? -  There are a few reasons for this. The main on being that we have identified the absolute safest and most effective ingredients for each product, and at the right percentage for the particular use of that product. To add several other ingredients, that basically all do the same job, is wasteful, not eco friendly, more expensive, and the more ingredients you add, the more likely that one could cause a sensitivity. If you use the right ingredients, you don't need a whole bunch of them as a backup!
  • Are there any chemicals or additives in you products? - Absolutely not! The main reason we can do this is that we never bulk our products out with water. Whatever you might read, skin does not absorb water, so the only use of water,  is to bulk up a product to make it cheaper to produce. Once you add water to any product you automatically need a preservative to stop the growth of bacteria and fungus. Also if there is any oil in a product then there will need to be an emulsifier, to enable the water to mix with the oil, and often also a stabiliser to keep the water and oil from separating again. 
  • If there are no preservatives in your products, what keeps them safe and to use? -  All our products are made purely with oil. Oils have a very long shelf life and do not support bacteria and mould like those mixed with water. This is why Kiwi Born products will change consistency in heat or cold and some may need a quick shake before use, but we feel this is a very small price to pay to avoid chemicals.
  • Are your products Cruelty Free?  Yes, 100% We only buy raw ingredients that have been produced without any animal testing. Our products are only ever tested on humans, mainly my family and me! Also all of our ingredients and containers are ethically sourced.
  • Are you eco friendly?  We aim to be as Eco friendly as we can possibly be. We are not perfect yet, but we are getting there. We use recyclable containers, but are looking at even better options for the near future. We have replaced all of our packing material to compostable, including our postal bags, from R3pak you'll find their information at  www.r3pak.co.nz. If we use boxes for larger orders, then we reuse boxes that we have received our own orders in, not new and pretty, but very eco friendly. We have also just changed our labels from laminated to a more eco friendly option.