Product Reviews

Here are just a few of the lovely things you all say about Kiwi Born products. 

I can't explain how amazing the Sleepy Oil is! I use it every single night on my twins after their bath. They settle so well after I put them down to sleep. I also wouldn't use anything except the Bum Balm either, brill stuff. I tell everyone about Kiwi Born, I love it!                                                                           Shanice  - Waikato                                                                                                                                        ------------------------------------------------             

I have used Kiwi Born products for all 3 of my babies and they are amazing! The Baby Bum Balm is the best nappy cream I have ever used. I hate it when I run out and have to use other less effective creams until I get more. They contain gentle ingredients and aren't full of unrecognisable ingredients and perfumes. Also they contain no water in any from so as Kiwi Born say, they don't need any preservatives. Don't use any other product! :)                                                        Peta - Levin


 “I love Baby Bum Balm.! It's very effective and has a lovely smell. I've used it on my baby and my toddler. I'd have no hesitation in recommending it. I love the fact its ingredients are natural and safe, that's very hard to find these days, It’s nice to know that there are people out there that put baby's health first and don't use nasty chemicals in their products. I've just bought the Baby Soft today so I'll let you know, but if it's anything like the Baby Bum Balm, then I'll love it! Thanks Kiwi Born                                                                                                          Vania - mother of 4 - Auckland


Amazing products, highly recommend! Have been using them exclusively on our now 13 week old and get so many compliments on how great his skin is 😊
Emma - Christchurch

Hi there Just wanted to let you know that the chapped chops cream has worked so well on my 8 month old twin boys. I had been to the doctors so many times about their dribble rash and had been prescribed loads of different creams which seemed to inflame and dry out the skin. Your cream heals and protects and their little faces are so much better now. I will be ordering some more tonight and be telling all my mummy friends about your product too. Thank you                    Cara - Wellington


 Oh wow! this product is amazing! I was given it initially as a gift but have purchased more since then. Not only does it work so well to relax and calm my new baby and help with sleep, but it also leaves her skin so soft and nourished. I use it after every night time bath and also during the day if she gets fussy. It's amazing stuff!                                                                                                       Keta - Tauranga


Amazing products which I use all the way in the UK. I highly recommend for babies and mummies, the ‘boob balm’ was a lifesaver for me when feeding and so soothing. I am also still using the ‘baby bum balm’ on my little girl now who is 15 months old and struggles with nappy rash bad whilst teething, this is the only cure for her. Thank you for our lovely products.
Jemma & Darcey xx     London, UK
High quality local products from experienced, caring professionals! I have been using the Tummy balm and Body Oil throughout my pregnancy and have been so happy with the results. The Tummy Balm has kept my skin stretch mark free and soft, and rubs in so smoothly. The body oil was great on my boobs as they grew and my nipples changed. Very soothing and effective. It is also great post-waxing on other areas of your body and as a general moisturiser. Both products smell great and feel luxurious. I have just stocked up on a range of new products to get ready for my new baby due in around a weeks time! My friends all rave about the baby products so I can't wait to give them a go! Highly recommend Kiwi Born to all mothers and gift givers.
Melissa - Sydney, Australia
Loving the tummy oil, been religiously using it every day after a shower. Sinks in quickly and not too greasy, scent is not too overpowering. Can't wait to try the rest of the range 🙂
Laura - Christchurch
Fantastic products 100% skin friendly for baby and mum. Love all of them!
Cheryl - Queenstown
Amazing products, highly recommend! Have been using them exclusively on our now 13 week old and get so many compliments on how great his skin is 😊
Emma - Auckland
Wonderful product I was lucky enough to receive as a gift. Gentle enough to use on both newborn and Mum in the hospital.
Tamara - Sydney, Australia
I really like this products. They are gentle on the skin of my baby and she never seems irritated by it, even when she has developed a bit of redness. It is hard to find products that actually soothe her. Great products.
Coti - Wellington
Was lucky enough to receive some of these beautiful products as a gift from a friend. I especially love how gentle the baby oil is on my daughters skin, and the Sleepy Oil is amazing for settling my baby to sleep or helping when shes unsettled.
Sarah - Cambridge
I absolutely loved the body oil. It doesn't just have to be for babies or expecting mothers. I used it to help heal my skin from a bad sun burn and within days it had healed up, making my skin super hydrated and evenly toned. Used all over body, face and hair and it was perfect. Will definitely be recommending this to my friends. Thanks Kiwi Born .
Sammie - Auckland